Wenna Zhao Qing Wu

Wenna Zhao Qing Wu

Strata Manager Associate

At Exclusive, we believe that good old fashioned customer service coupled with knowledge and expertise is the driving force behind every successful business relationship. Wenna shares the same vision and passion with the understanding that not every building is the same. She has worked at a number of Boutique and Corporate Strata Companies aiding in the management of Strata Schemes ranging from Community Associations to BMCs.

With Bachelor of Business/Commerce, a Bachelor of Marketing and her certificates in both Property and Strata Management, she understands the needs of her clientele from all aspects of a business standpoint.

As an avid property investor, she appreciates firsthand the needs and wants of landlords, owners and residents in a Strata Scheme and works to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

Her dedication and commitment to a strong work ethic is rival to none and will always strive to work in an honest and transparent manner.

We welcome you to contact her and discover how you too can protect the value of your property.